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Download the events of Shy, Jazz and Ozzie in their future life on our southernmost continent under a Megadome.
Three stories, one each year of Shy’s birthday and a major event that happened during the year begin her five-uear journal. Many things about their life will amaze you.

Read the 4 & 5 star reviews for:

A Tree on My House, The Day the Sky Fell & Under a Honeycomb Sky.

These are only the beginning of their adventures. Once Sky’s five-year journal is complete they hope to find a way to send it back in time to warn of the things leading to their changed lifestyle.

Recommended for ages 9 years and up, including adults



Written in 40 days/ edited in 60. Now 5 stars!

A 5 star review for Ariel’s Cottage/A Price for Love on Amazon!When I asked a reviewer of romantic suspense to check out my book Ariel’s Cottage, she said it sounded just her type of story.  Well, it certainly was and her review attests to that.

New A'sC

She’s not the first to really, really like it, but the first to tell about it is such an exciting way.  I appreciate that.

I keep saying it’s the book I read when I want to escape and take a break, but friends must think that’s some kind of ego trip.  It’s not.  I’m amazed myself at how well it turned out.  It was definitely written with the muse’s hand on mine.   If it remained as erotic as it started out it would have still been fine literature.  I don’t want to be associated with common, and certainly not trash.  That’s part of the reason I took the really erotic parts out.  I didn’t want to be known for a Lolita type story.  Like a striptease, I think a tease in the writing and reading of adult encounters are much more romantic.

The law officers involved and the Witness Protection program brought some heat from a would-be publisher who dropped the book.  I called everyone, even the U.S. Marshall’s office, and discussed the ins and outs of writing a book that included their programs.  Their answers – it’s done all the time.  In the end, with their fine approval, and only the TV program to go by I took the plunge and self-puiblished the book.

First published as A Price for Love: Ariel’s Cottage, with a publisher’s template and photo, large print and as a Kindle, it didn’t have a Library of Congress number.  I realized how I could get one but had to make a different, though similar cover, so switch the title and subtitle so it might be realized they were the same story.  That has been difficult.  And Amazon still has not put them together, or their reviews.  I am now asking the reviewers be post their review for both.

I have since changed the covers to the original ones designed for the story.  To connect the books each has the other’s cover in the small space on the back for the author’s picture.  I also added the semblance of the “hunk” in the story to another small space on the back.  It’s the type of picture usually on the cover of such a book, but I don’t particularly like them.  What draws some in turns me away.  But this is the little enticement for those who like it.

I knew it was a good story and here’s the proof.  It’s in the hands of other reviewers and I wonder how they will treat it.  I will let you know.  I hope I can stay on c;loud nine with this one for a while, with more will expressed reviews like this.

Next time you hear me say I’m going to read a good book you don’t need to ask which one.  I’ve already read it several times since publication just for the enjoyment.  It will be read again and again.  For an author to say that about their own book has to mean something. New PfL

Now you consider this one after you read this:

Gripping, sad and suspensful all mixed together! September 18, 2013
I have to admit that when I first started reading this novel I was wondering how this story was going to play out. Ariel gave me the feeling of being lonely and wanting to be with as many men as possible but I was so very wrong and once the suspense and emotion set in this was a gripping romantic suspense.

You not only have Ariel’s story but the mysteries that go along with the romance makes this a must read for any romantic suspense fan.

Ariel Storm is a 22 year old woman who has had a traumatic life. Something very awful happened to her when she was 17 years old and caused her to have to go into witness protection services. This event also caused her to live a very secluded and lonely life where all she had was her writing to keep her company. When her money was running short and she could not pay cash for the things she had to have she decides to pay the men in another fashion. This is not only to get the things she needs but this is a form of what she thinks is therapy to help her to grow as a woman and to understand men better. But everything she has built to protect herself starts to crumble around her when a lost puppy wonders into her world.

Danny Pullard is just a deputy who loves his job and his life is going well enough. Though his life has been at times filled with loss and sadness he has been able to move past the worst parts to build a happy enough live for himself. Little does he know that when he meets the young woman who finds a lost dog that is life will become way more complicated and that this woman will not only be a challenge because of her mental state and experiences but she will need to be protected due to her fragile mind and emotions.

I would love to write more but I don’t want to be that spoiler reviewer.
I very much enjoyed this one.