Four Romantic Short Stories

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Since little interest has been shown in my anthology I’ve decided to group some of the short stories together by genre.  The first  are the romances.  Four romantic short stories under the title The Gift of Oneself.

Two of the four chosen have a twist in time giving them a bit of a SciFi touch.  One of the two is written backward and told by the horse; the other has an age difference corrected by a death.  The third takes place on a college campus with a couple at each life’s crossroads.  The last, but surely not the least for it’s my favorite, is a Texan in New York who discovers himself and his true love after losing his job.  And though I believe it should always be more about  the story than any happy ending, these do have happy endings.

The title comes from the quote in the first pages of the book:

Love is, above all, the gift of oneself, by Jean Anouilh, from Ardele (1948).

The story titles are:  Twisted Vine, Childhood of Arrogance, Duel Seasons in Time and Sweet Cherie Pie.  Be sure, on the last one, to pronounce Cherie as you would Sherry.  I knew someone who spelled her name that way and it fit perfectly with the story.  And it’s a story born from a contest winning first sentence.  Two others were sparked by dreams, and the last poured forth with some difficulties, but it’s probably the most well-written.  Well, at least according to one reviewer.  I’m happy with all of them.

This Kindle ebook is 99 cents and the price won’t ever change, unless its given away sometime.

There are reviews mentioning a few of these anthology stories on Amazon so take a look, and look inside that book for further hints.  Those who love a good romance will enjoy these, and you might find a favorite you will want to read again and again.  Sometimes the experience you share is the most important part of the reading.

And, please, read the last page from me.  I only ask what all authors ask.  With over 1000 of you there must be a few who understand.  And thanks so much for following.

ADDENDUM:  Okay, I can’t stand looking at that awful Kindle cover.  I have a much better one in the works.  Watch for it soon. JVD 4/30/14


Another Review for Each of My Children’s Books

Donna wrote another wonderful review of my granddaughter’s first favorite book with her name in it.  It’s available on Amazon, just click the picture, and there is no ebook edition.

There’s A Tree On My House Published Sadie's Tree Front
By Judith Victoria Douglas
A small maple seed is blown by the wind and lands on the corner of the roof of a house and the seed is so protected there that it begins to grow.  Sadie, the little girl who lives in the house is playing with her cousins, Ava and Abby in the yard, running around with their balloons when one of the balloons gets loose and floats up toward the seedling.  So that their cousin isn’t sad, the other two girls let their balloons free too.  They believe the seedling tried to catch the first balloon, and run in to tell their mother that there is a tree on their house.  Their mother and father help to save the tree from growing on their house.  Thus, the story of the tree on the house has started.
I really enjoyed this book and I believe children will enjoy it too.  There are lots of extras included with the book a tree that a child can color and decorate with included clip art, and extra pages to illustrate a child’s own tree story.  5 out of 5 stars.
And Shelby gave a 4-star review for The Carousel Pony last November that is just appearing on the reviewer blog.  It’s my granddaughter’s second favorite book with her name in it.
A special carousel with special ponies. When one winks at Sadie she is sure her wish for a pony will come true.Best Final Pony copy
Released 11/12/13; available on Amazon, just click the picture. There is no e-book edition.
A children’s book to be read to children up to the third grade when they may be able to read it themselves.
The Carousel Pony by Judith-Victoria Douglas is a delightful story about the simple magic of childhood.
Sadie is a sweet young girl who wishes for a pony of her very own. Unfortunately, like a lot of us, she must settle for riding the carousel ponies at the local fairgrounds. Sadie’s father is a photographer and is hired to take pictures of the new carousel ponies in order to make brochures. He takes Sadie with him on what turns out to be a fantastic day full of fun, imagination, and magic for her.
Kids and parents alike will quickly fall in love with this enchanting story. The illustrations are beautifully hand drawn and idyllic. The ponies are described in excellent detail allowing the readers to place themselves into the story with ease. There are lessons on the history of carousel ponies and a cast of wonderfully written characters. My favorite, besides little Sadie and her favorite pony Whisper, was Mr. MacTavish. He was so very kind and patient and his gift to Sadie was very sweet.
This is not my first book by Judith-Victoria Douglas and I’m sure it will not be my last. My little one and I thoroughly enjoy the amazing adventures her books take us on and we very much look forward to our next.