Two 5-star Reviews for Within the Sacred Circle

I haven’t been posting much because I’m not writing or promoting my books, and haven’t been for about a year. I’ve been discouraged because I have purchased and read so many books and given reviews within two groups where reciprocating was expected. I got few return reviews.
I think part of the problem, if it could be called a problem, is there are so many independent writers at this time, and promoting one’s own book make us appear very egocentric and self-absorbed. I don’t want to appear that way.
I have continued to have a few books sell now and again, and occasionally check for new reviews. Not many are posted by readers who purchase, but recently two were posted for Within the Sacred Circle.  One is by an Amazon reviewer rated in the top 500 reviewers.  It has helped me tremendously enticing me to re-read the book myself.  I hope you try it.
By ChristophFischerBooks TOP 500 REVIEWER on April 11, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition
“Within the Sacred Circle” by Judith Victoria Douglas is a beautiful selection of ten short stories about a historical Lakhota tribe. Going back some 300 years in time and using a very authentic Native American voice the stories present a believable picture and great insight into the culture.
As European I’m not overly familiar with Native American history and customs and I found myself engrossed in the setting and characters. The book is well written and cast quite a spell on me.
Although the stories are not connected as such, there fit together and present a unique whole.
Moving and impressive.


Enjoyable read.
By Kindle Customer on February 10, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
I very much enjoyed reading each of the short stories presented here. It is apparent Judith Douglas has done her research.


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