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FREE Kindle Novella Today & Tomorrow Only

When I first self-published it was the two novellas in Painted Tree.  They were connected stories I though would work well together in one book.  The second story was written first, “demanding” the telling of the first.

However, I failed to get a Library of Congress Number for it, and when I realized, after my second publication, I put it on a back shelf, so to speak.  I didn’t want to give it too much attention if it could be stolen.  I loved the stories and preferred to postpone promotion until I could accomplish this, but several other works demanded priority attention.  In order to get a LCCN I now had to publish the stories separately, which meant two LCCNs, and with different covers.  I accomplished separate publications for the Kindle editions, but the booklets had to wait.

Well, the time has come for promotion, at least for the first story, In Blood There is No Honor, because it now has its LCCN.  Click the BLOOD Front BookCoverPreview.dopicture for the Amazon link.

This story is of a crime of opportunity.  It leads to extremes in blood-for-blood vengeance.  Set in 1939-1941, a southern family struggles through the consequences of this chance occurrence.  Their tragedies begin with the kidnapping of beautiful fourteen-year-old Tess, granddaughter in the three generation household.  The family’s roots in Louisiana were planted before the Civil War, but even in good families a bad apple can begin an avalanche of troubles.  Each is tested until they’re near breaking, blaming themselves.  The brutal actions of a disturbed cousin inflame family members.  One is unable to let go of his desire for vengeance.  When the judge sentences the guilty to military service he joins up to follow.  In Okinawa their’s is a blood-for-blood confrontation during one of the worst battles of WWII.

The Kindle edition of In Blood There is No Honor is being offered free on Amazon only today, Saturday, March 22, and tomorrow, Sunday, March 23.  This is to celebrate the release of the book.  It should be posted on Amazon within a few days, so next weekend the book will be offered with a free Kindle edition when the book is purchased.

Hopefully, next month, If I Could Only Sparkle with follow this plan when an LCCN is purchased for it.   Then the first book with both stories, Painted Tree: Two Novellas, will finally be available with two LCCNs listed.

There is one awesome review posted for Painted Tree and Blood on Amazon.  If you think you might be interested, check them out.  This is my author page link HERE so you can find them listed along with my other books.

Please, consider posting a review after reading.  I prefer it on Amazon, and any other site you are familiar with.  Since Amazon will not post these related stories together I would greatly appreciate your help by posting your review for Painted Tree also, so the stories will become better known.

I think you will enjoy this short read and hope you look forward to the next story in April.