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Miracle Belle Front If you want to get a taste of my writing in a short story here is your chance. The Kindle edition of MIRACLE BELLE, A Horse with a Secret, will be FREE starting Friday, September 27 till Tuesday, October 1.

This is a short story from my Twisted Vine Anthology, and a spin-off of my novel trilogy, Where the Horses Run. It is appropriate for older children, especially those acquainted with a few of breeding terms included – DNA, fetus(es), (frozen) semen and ova.  I would love comments because I’ve worried about the age group to present it to.

Ten-year-old Trisha loves Belle, and her scientist father is the one who recreates this first horse after all the horses in the world disappear.o present it to.

Here is the connection for my UK fans. I know the book has been purchased there more than in the US.…/dp/B00DT4GQ6Q

First it was a Free copy of Miracle Belle from my Anthology. Today it’s the Anthology itself.

Final Front

If you want to get acquainted with my writing style, along with a taste of published and to-be-published novels through excerpts, download the Kindle   edition of TWISTED VINE: An Anthology of Short Stories and Poems.  It will be available Saturday, September 28 through Wednesday, October 2.  There are poems and complete stories of the truncated versions in my novels.  If you like romance, Sci-fi or fantasy, it will interest you.  Many have a twist in time.  One is a spin-off of my favorite Doctor Who episode, in poetic meter.

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New PfL Front


It’s the Kindle version of Ariel’s Cottage. the same romantic suspense that just received a five-star review from a romantic suspense fan.  She was kind enough to post it for both books.

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If you have a MAC, but no Kindle, there is a free Kindle download for your computer.

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