NEW RELEASE! From Published Novels   Taken from the pages of the series Where the Horses Run ~ Book I – Mass Extinction, Book II – Sacred Hills, Book III – Ciphers (due out late summer 2014) and Realms of the Earth (prequel – due out next month) ~ are ten short stories. Together they tell about a historical tribe of Lakhota beginning over three hundred years ago. Each is a story unto itself, but as a whole, they read like chapters in this novella. Presented in chronological order as they happened during the time period they occurred, not as presented in the novels. Most are embellished to round out the stories.

If a hidden tribe did exist separate from the Lakhota nation, in order to keep their sacred stories and way of life when the great scourge came to destroy them, and with full knowledge of the timeless valley never found, they may have lived as the Sni Taniya. And they might have known the Ancients of their Ancestors and expected the guardians of that valley to still exist. Into that world a great mystery crept. The occurrences began in a small area of east Texas, but its roots were in the Black Hills of South Dakota, the sacred heartbeat of Native American Indian tradition. And the guardians are still watching.

They are posted on Amazon, but not yet linked.  See the BOOK here, and the KINDLE here. When a friend read the first of my HORSES trilogy she loved the Indian part and suggested they be put into their own book.  I had to get a lot of those parts completed before I could do it.  I’d also toyed with the idea.  Now it’s here, finally, and you will enjoy it.  It will clarify the trilogy series giving it deeper understanding.  I hope you consider reading it and hope you enjoy it.  Thanks for continuing to follow this blog’s postings.


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