The Prequel to “Horses” is Epic

A epic fantasy from Earth’s beginnings with its source of all true magic and myths.

Once seven enchanted realms existed attached to the Earth, but separate from the travails upon her. An extended lifetime passed within as they watched Earth’s ages fly by. But change can come to even the most sacred realms when the darkness of an age prevails.

Hensley, as Scribe, begins Earth’s history as seen from outside of time. His is the fourth generation since life was brought forth from the birthing grounds, offspring of the Guardian, Mother of All.

Historical recordings continue through long Ages as events lead to an unexpected end. A great calamity is predicted before a renewed Earth can awakened far into its uncertain future. Three journeys over time carry a warning to the messenger who must awaken those living in the world. But only the Earth’s Guardian knows her dreams of remaking and the destiny of all life upon her soil.

Expected release near the end of June 2014.

Realms of the Earth1 copy

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