New Cover. Same Story. On Sale.

In celebration of the new cover, Amazon figuring out the change (somewhat) and the upcoming Easter weekend, “Ariel’s Cottage”, Kindle edition, Ariel's_Cottage_Cover_for_Kindlewill be available from today, Monday, April 14 (it just posted) through Sunday, April 20th for only 99 cents (usually $5.99).  Just click on the picture to find it on Amazon.

This is a rare opportunity to obtain this well-liked, suspense-filled thriller with romance and a love triangle. Don’t miss out. Those who have actually read it can’t be wrong.  Check out the reviews and synopsis.  Look Inside.

If you already have a copy of “A Price for Love” (not really available any longer) then you know what a fine read it is. A review for the “Ariel’s Cottage” title will remain once “The Price for Love” editions and its reviews no longer appear. And a review from you readers will be greatly appreciated.

Don’t struggle through the first four chapters, but give attention to Ariel’s ruminating and occasional comments to get an idea of what her state of mind really is. Only then will you understand what leads her as more information is slowly fed to you throughout the story. This is a character who changes in ways you will not forget, and make you think of abuse victims in an entirely different way.

SUGGESTIVE (not explicit) Adult situations are contained within the story, especially the first five chapters. But Chapter Five is where the things going on around Ariel, that she only senses but can’t explain, begin to take a different direction, changing everything.



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