Prepare for a Mother’s Day Blitz


Mark Mother’s Day weekend, Friday through Sunday, on your calendar for another reason, and maybe remember your mother, or celebrate for yourself, with a book. Some may be great to read with or to your kids as you celebrate together.

Here are my books, in Kindle editions, which will be available for 99 cents over that three-day weekend. All have strong female lead characters.

Ariel’s Cottage – Suspense, thriller, romantic suspense Ariel's_Cottage_Cover_for_Kindle

If I Could Only Sparkle – Historical, Crime/recovery SPARKLE Front purple

Miracle Belle, A Horse with a Secret – SciFi (future), children’sMiracle Belle Front

Tree & Sky: The Secrets of Meshyah’s World – SciFi (future), children’s BookCover4T&S

One Unicorn Wish – Fantasy (contemporary), YA and NA Best Unicorn Front copy



                              Where the Horses Run, Book I, Mass Extinction – SciFi/Fantasy (contemporary, social) Where the Horses Run, Book II, Sacred Hills – SciFi/Fantasy (contemporary, social)



On Saturday, May 11 there will be a giveaway. The two books I’m offering a chance for are: Published Sadie's Tree Front

There’s a Tree on my House, a Read-to-Me story & activity book – children’s

The Carousel Pony, a Make-a-Wish story – children’s Best Final Pony copy

Visit my Author Page on Amazon to see them all!



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