Another Review for My E-book-Only Kids’ Story

It was posted on Goodreads, now on NerdGirls’ Official site, and should be on Amazon soon.L.D. Paint pix

This little story was written partly from a dream.  It’s only the first episode of a few I plan to put together in a book, The Enchanted Citadel.  It’s for middle grade children and up, but younger children may enjoy having it read to them while parents and grandparents may enjoying reading to their special little someone.

The review can be seen on Nerd Girl’s site HERE, and the Goodreads version can be seen HERE.  Click the picture to see the Amazon page where the review should be posted soon.  It’s only $.99 and I’m sure all readers will enjoy it.

When a review comes in it’s always a since of finally after all the free copies of Kindle editions downloaded when free.  I don’t stress of it, much, but I do feel a constant sense of anxiety while waiting, expecting and hoping.  If it wasn’t so important it wouldn’t matter so much.  The only thing more important is the sales.  It a books sales a lot without reviews both Amazon/Kindle and I are happy.  So far, that’s just a dream while waiting for these precious reviews.

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