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Ruby Savage’s Reviews > Where the Horses Run, Book I, Mass Extinction

by Judith-Victoria Douglas (Goodreads Author)

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Mar 08, 14
Read in December, 2013
**Review By Ruby From The Nerd Girl Page**
*This Book Was Given To Me In Exchange For An Honest Review*

In the modern world pollution increases, forests shrink as cities grow and entire species of creatures are slowly whittled down into extinction every day. This disappearance is quiet and gradual. For some of us this is a depressing passive thought. Others actively fight for change, but most just pay no attention. But what will the future bring? And what if, in the blink of an eye, an entire species vanished? And what if that species were one of mans best friends? Surely then, we would pay attention.

In a futuristic world that is polluted and poisoned, mankind have lost their way. Our connection to the earth and nature has been severed. And now all the horses are gone, all but one. And that horse belongs to Ellie. She is a young woman who lives and breathes horses and now Goliath, her beautiful black gelding is the only one left.

The story is told to us through journal entries. With every new entry we follow her and her friends into an uncertain future and look back into a traumatic past. After a tragic accident Ellie has lost some of her memories and now, in the face of this new loss, they seem to be coming back. We watch as Ellie slowly uncovers fragments of her past and rediscovers old love. She is quickly changing as she fights to hold herself together as the world changes around her. Haunted by her nightmares and watched over by her loving German shepherd Dexter, Ellie finds herself falling repeatedly into a dream world. She is visited there by Native Americans who once lived off the land, in a very different world. Perhaps this group of people once so akin with the natural world hold the key. They become Ellie’s guides on a spiritual quest, as her and her inner circle journey to uncover mother earth’s secrets and learn the truth about where the horses run.

There are a lot of stories out there about the state of planet earth, which warn us of the inevitable repercussions of our negligence. Hundreds have predicted the punishments that human beings will endure at the ‘end of the world’. But like Spielberg’s War Horse, this story is made more tender, soulful and beautiful when told by those that deal with horses. There is something so beautiful and elegant about horses. As a child I loved the story of ‘The Last Unicorn’ when selfish King Haggard drove all the unicorns into the sea by his castle where only he could greedily look upon them. This story had the same magic to it for me. If you love horses you will love Judith’s writing. If you don’t love horses, you will when you’ve finished it. Through Ellie’s eyes you learn to care for and understand the creatures that have inexplicably disappeared from the world. I loved how the horses are written – like people, with characters of their own.

Within this story there is an unlikely, yet compelling mix of history, fantasy and science. Along side this there is tragedy, beauty and romance laced carefully into the world Judith has weaved. And beneath it all, a warning.

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