Another 5* for PfL/AC

In spite of the naysayers on Goodreads, and their attempts to sabotage this book on Amazon, another great review has come in for A Price for Love/Ariel’s Cottage.
I have been slow in posting it because I can see when my blogs are being watched…not followed, not checked on, but watched.  Heck, if I could track down that scammer in Scotland from my seat in Texas who knows what I might find and keep track of.
Anywho…for the good news.New PfL Front
Take your socks off before you read this or it will knock them off.  It’s on Amazon (who is watching my book site rather well right now), but the reviewer wants to forego a trip to Goodreads…forever.  I’m in agreement…never again on Goodreads.  Let them play their games and pump each other up.  One of them will eventually run into the wrong Cobra and it won’t be pretty.  Don’t want to be around when it happens.
A'sC caps & smug
5.0 out of 5 stars Hard to put down., February 20, 2014
By Cherime I. Macfarlane “CMF” (Anchorage, AK USA)
Amazon Verified Purchase
This review is from: A Price for Love (Kindle Edition)

This is a story unlike any I have ever read before. It’s hard to put it down. A young woman horribly used takes her healing into her own hands. Two men love her. One younger, one older. She rises like a phoenix from the ashes of a trauma of horrific proportions. There is always a price for love. The question is: are we willing to pay the price. This is a very thought-provoking book. Personally, I rate this in the running with Doctor Zhivago. If all you are looking for is an easy read to pass some time, do not choose this book. If you want to read something thought provoking and challenging, which will have you thinking about it for days, this is your book. This one tore me up a bit. It is definitely a 5 star. I personally think it is a literary masterpiece. Good Job!

Now, if you’ve been following and should happen to go on Amazon for a little “window shopping” I would appreciate a Yes vote on this review.  I’m asking because those same naysayers with their 1-star ratings and reviews on GRs will be voting No.  I’ve been keeping count.  They’ve slowed down, but if you like the review, help me out.  Amazon made the suggestion to me, so I’m agreeing.
I would also appreciate a No vote on the second 1-star review if Amazon hasn’t already removed it, as promised.  If you are able to vote it will ask why. My choice was that it appeared fake and I made a short comment reiterating what was already reported.
There are almost 1000 free copies out there.  This was only one.  I hope more come in.  If some don’t like it, that will be alright.  I have friends and acquaintances who couldn’t handle parts of it and couldn’t finish it, so I understand.  But if you can get through it, clinging to your seat, I can guarantee it will be better than a poke in the eye any day.

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