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By now those who follow me know these two titles contain the same story.  To refresh: A Price for Love has a Kindle edition and a Large Print edition.  Ariel’s Cottage is the regular print book — the one I wish most would buy to read, put on their shelf and reread.  

When I had a free download for Valentine’s Day there were 704 who “purchased” the Kindle edition.  With about 265 previously downloaded in a giveaway that comes close to 1000 downloads for which, I am told, I can expect 2-3 reviews.  All my work shared with little appreciation, apparently.  That can be very discouraging.

A'sC caps & smug

I’m always amused to find those who dwell on the scenes in this story they call erotic, but a published erotic author called tame. It proves how tastes vary, and how the definition for erotic is so misunderstood. My “love-tease”, like a strip-tease, is not specific and can be interpreted differently by each reader. This was not intended to be an erotic novel and would be rejected as one for lack of details.  Having “suggestive adult situations” leaves it for the reader to interrupt.

I’m always happy to find another who enjoyed reading it, and who found something about it they will remember, recall or reread.  If all who read it would leave a review or short comment it would allow great satisfaction in knowing I did this job well.  All who work hard and don’t get a yearly job evaluation that’s pleasing, or allows for a decent raise, should understand this need, but too many don’t.  

I appreciate all my reviewers, knowing they took the time to read something I worked hard on for their enjoyment.  I don’t automatically get paid like a movie maker or recording artist or painter does.  I give my work away in hopes that readers will appreciate the gift and return the gesture in kind.  This one did.

5.0 out of 5 stars You will love Ariel, February 15, 2014
By Eric Michael 
Amazon Verified Purchase 
This review is from: A Price for Love (Kindle Edition)
The main character in ‘A Price for Love’ is one that you will think about for a while after you have finished the book. Douglas does an excellent job of adding depth of character as the novel progresses, which really hooks the reader and keeps the pages turning.

I had a little difficulty in the first 3-4 chapters with some awkward sentences and vanilla dialog, but after the plot developed and I started developing more interest in Ariel’s situations (don’t worry -no spoilers, here), I quickly forgot about those minor issues.

By the end of the book, you’ll be unable to put the book down – the last couple of chapters are outstanding. You can’t help but to root for Ariel and you’ll have to know how her relationship with Danny turns out. A Price for Love is a solid combination of romance and psychological thriller. The plot keeps you going in between some expertly timed erotic scenes that you’ll want to go back and read again afterwards. 5-Stars

If you find the Matchbox deal on one of the books’ pages it will show that the purchase of one of the books will allow you to get the Kindle free.  If you have a gift to buy for someone, maybe for a birthday, then you can get two for the price of one and save some money.  

If you like risqué, tender moments, secrets, promises, mystery, suspense with heroes and heroines, then you will enjoy this book.  Stop drooling. Go to Amazon and get it.  And don’t forget the review.  There is a minimum number Amazon requires before they give the book much attention.  It’s still a long way off so every comment is appreciated.  Thank you.


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