Nothing Much New

I haven’t been writing.  I’ve been editing.  Not the same thing.  Editing is much harder and exhausting.  And sometimes I correct one thing just to mess up something else, which I won’t find until I proof it again.

Anyway, I have gone through every one of my published books and made sure all the set ups, formats and typos are corrected.  That doesn’t mean something didn’t get past me.  I will be surprised if something hasn’t.  If you find something, let me know.  I want all my books to appear a professionally competitive to those of the big houses as possible.  And want readers to see them as such and enjoy reading them.  I think my writing it pretty good.  Many have enjoyed what I’ve written, but few leave comments to show for all the free Kindle editions I’ve given away.

It takes a minimum of 25 review comments for Amazon to pay attention.  With only five they have paid attention to A Price for Love, which is the Kindle edition for Ariel’s Cottage.  They’ve added comments from the reviews and offered in email promotions, so I’m hoping with the 685 (so far) being downloaded for Free now there will be more comments.  I read that there are usually only 2-3 per 1000, but I’ve had some readers, not authors, promise to do reviews.New PfL

If you’re interested you can find out more at booksbyjudith where there is a write up and a link.

I had hoped to offer another books over the weekend but it’s not eligible for giveaway right now and the Matchbox agreement doesn’t appear on its Amazon page.

HEART TOUCHING PICTURESHave a wonderful Valentine’s Day, and make it last all weekend.  Enjoy this free story and check out all my others.  All the Kindles with books are at greatly reduced prices if the book is purchased, and many of my Kindle only publications are on 99 cents each.

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