A 4-star review for Where the Horses Run, Book I, Mass Extinction.


Theresa Needham fehse‘s review

Jan 25, 14   4 of 5 stars
Read in December, 2013  free books for free review
In the blink of an eye, all the horses on the earth were gone. All of the horses except for Elle’s big black gelding, Goliath, that is. No one knows where the horses have gone or if they will be returned, or if something else catastrophic will happen next. There has been enough pain and loss in Elle’s life. Will she be able to survive this newest loss without losing herself again? And what happens if Goliath disappears too?

Told in the form of journal entries, the mystery of where the horses went is unearthed by reading about Elle and her friends and family and the visions and dreams they have about a time long gone, when American Indians roamed the area. There is a lot of science described in the book, and a lot of fantasy as it is set in the near future. I learned a lot about caring for horses and how much turmoil the earth would be in if, suddenly, all of one species suddenly vanished.

I recommend this book to anyone who likes to read about horses, animals, history or science.

This review also appears on Amazon.  http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00A8WB518BookCover4H1

A few have sold as Kindle editions so the interest may finally be there for this book.  It’s a thick book, as are the others in the trilogy, so it would take someone with a long attention span and the ability to retain a lot of information to enjoy.  I hate to think I’m the only one.  

I have been reluctant to tackle editing on the last of the trilogy because of lack of interest, but that story ties into the prequel, Realms of the Earth, and are both fine writing and bring the story around to the cyclical form life also takes.

Now, to find one person interested in also reading Book II, Sacred Hills.  That’s where a lot of the action takes place.



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