This is the first review for my fantasy – 4 stars!. Those of you who follow me on Facebook know I have updated with corrections so my errors won’t mark my stories down by a star any longer. Looking forward to other reviews. I’ve asked this reviewer to post to Amazon, which will help.

The second review, first on Amazon, for One Unicorn Wish – 5 stars!
Looking for more from all those free downloads. Remember, the corrections have been made and I will gladly send an updated pdf copy for anyone who want to review it.

Best Unicorn Front copy

I have just uploaded a corrected copy for Kindle and the book. Sooo, those of you who uploaded the free copies now have the collector’s editions. Don’t overprice them yet. Just remember when you read them that I have made corrections. They should be available if the back cover blurb has the last line missing ~ “All I want is to return….”

If you want to send the errors you find when you read, to see if I got them all, I won’t mind. I do this all myself and my eyesight is something even my ophthalmologist laughs at.

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