TWO New Reviews on Ariel’s Cottage (A Price for Love)

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Ariel’s Cottage 
by Judith-Victoria Douglas 
(Goodreads Author) 

Sue1958‘s review

Nov 29, 13
 I was given this book by the author Judith-Victoria Douglas to read a few months back. I have recently read this. 

At first, I just wasn’t too sure what this book was going to entail. Ariel seemed a strange sort of character who I just found very needy. Each time she had an ‘encounter’ with a male she would write it in a book. Title it according to each person not by name, but by a deed or connective word. Could I stay with this book?

At first I thought it was like one of those films you watch, when you sit through it and at the end think “what was that all about!” but I was WRONG so very WRONG. The further I got through the story the more sucked in I became. The more action and revelations that were coming out, the more I was gripped. Who is Ariel, what happened to her? Is she hiding from anyone? why has she got herself into so many ‘love’ triangles. I didn’t get it. On and on and on I read, my pages were turning faster and faster as I wanted to get to the end find out what was what. I was stunned by the ending, stunned in a GOOD way.

From a book that I thought was a bit….hmm what is this? to me saying……WOW really did turn the tables on me. Well done to Judith-Victoria Douglas for a brilliant read.

The only downside to take it away from me giving it full 5 stars is the format. It needs attention.

New PfL Front

Tina‘s review 

Dec 01, 13
Read from September 07 to December 01, 2013
***THIS BOOK WAS GIVEN TO ME IN EXCHANGE FOR AN HONEST REVIEW***Ariel’s Cottage (A price for Love) is a must read, but be prepared to go through the emotional roller coaster that comes with this story. I did not expect the story that I read when I first opened the book, even with reading the synopsis first. By the second page of chapter one you are drawn into Ariel’s world and you truly never want to put it down. The author has brought all the elements to this book and wrote them down for all to read, and it takes hold of you and with her educational background has given her the ability to bring the characters to life. This book has it all from horrible crimes, suspense, mystery-thriller, true love, young love, epic love, romance, secrets, betrayal, friendship, victims, hero’s, heartbreak, and solaces.

The horrific crimes against Ariel that took place was revealed a little at a time, with just enough to let you feel the pain and anguish at a well placed sections when required and even though you never know the entire details of the crime, you will understand what happened. The other crimes leave you wondering why, but it does not take away from the story at all. The love stories between Ariel/Jerry/Daniel are told with finesse and a deep understanding of human emotions and maturity levels. You will laugh, cry, and you will be heartbroken and feel solace at the same time.

You should not pass this book up as you will be missing out on great novel. I find it hard to write without giving a spoiler, but the synopsis does enough of that for you. I give Judith-Victoria Douglas 5 stars and more if I could as this story even though it is fiction you are left feeling like you read a book of someone’s life.

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~Tina, #NerdGirlMama’s

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