First Time Review for Story 1 of Painted Tree: Two Novellas


This is the Kindle cover for this novella.  Besides being the first story in the novel, it is also available separately in this Kindle edition.  It may become available as a separate booklet at a later date.

In Blood There is no Honor by Judith Victoria Douglas

This novella was such a pleasant surprise and such a deviation from the kind of books I normally read.In Blood There is no Honor is set in the early 1940s and tells the story of good, honest, southern family that is struck by tragedy. One of the youngest members of their family, Tessa, is attacked, abducted and physically assaulted so severely that it leaves her both physically and mentally handicapped.Not only is the story of the family’s anguish told, but the story of the attackers too. Judith Victoria Douglas shows remarkable insight into the minds of the people on both sides of the story. Anger, fear, hatred, love, self-loathing, pain, joy, forgiveness–all of these emotions are explored in this short novella about a family shaken to its core and their fight to rise back up.

In Blood There is no Honor is a short novella, one of two stories included in her compilation The Painted Tree which also includes If I Could Only Sparkle, the story of Tessa’s recovery back to health.

There were some editing issues throughout, but the story was so compelling and thoughtful, I still give this story 4 of 5 stars and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys stories with true grit, where the heroes react like real people and don’t always make the perfect choice.

AMAZON LINK to In Blood There is no Honor
AMAZON LINK to If Only I Could Sparkle
AMAZON LINK to The Painted Tree


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