A New Look


Shelfari (Photo credit: Darcy Moore)

Thought it was time for a new look on this blog.  This is more to my tastes, but there are still a few widgets I will have to redo.  Shelfari and Goodreads don’t come up on well on wordpress blogs.  There’s no bottom section to add what I had before so my sidebar is limited.  It may look overcrowded.  I like the look as a change from the waves.  I even had to take those off my desk.

You are welcome to comment.  If you have a problem with anything – since I can’t test it and depend on you – please let me know.

And check on the All About the Books posting occasionally to see what’s new.

Alachia GoodReads

Alachia GoodReads (Photo credit: alachia)


2 comments on “A New Look

  1. Nice look. WordPress can be tricky, but I’ve loved using it. I’m currently using Pilcrow because it’s so adaptable and has two sidebars and space at the bottom.Thanks for linking to my post on book reviews. I had no idea how powerful online reviews were until I began publishing. Prior to that, I blithely opined away, now I think carefully. Best of luck with the new look! 🙂

    • Judith says:

      The Adventure Journal Theme I use on my other wordpress site is like that. I may have to leave some things off of this page.
      I reposted your review article just because I came across and can’t seem to impress on my friends and family how important this is. It’s a subject I will continue to pursue until I get more of them.
      Thank you for responding.

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