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Now available, One Unicorn Wish is a fantasy for Adults, but Upper Grades, Young Adults, New Adults,if you remember BookCoverPreview.dobeing a child, will also enjoy it.  It’s the story where the writing analysis matched my style with Neil Gaiman’s.  The story started from a flash I posted to a picture on my Tumblr site last October and matched with this cover photograph given to me for this use by the photographer.  It’s the reliving of a ten-year-old’s memory when a special wish came true…for a little while.



The Carousel Pony,  A Make-a-Wish Story is now released.

Best Final Pony Full

With my granddaughter’s love of horses budding Ithought this would be a good imaginative start. Here a fairy pony held by a spell inside a carousel pony winks at Sadie.  Her belief and love for it helps her wish come true, just not the way she would have thought.

I’m working on the illustrations now, and haven’t decided if the cover will be this photograph or a drawing of it.  I’ve tweaked the photo to be lighter so the background of the carousel is easier to see.  A drawing won’t reveal so much.

Little Duke and the Rat Princess, Book I of the Enchanted Citadel series. It’s available in Kindle form only at this time.

L.D. Paint pix FrontBookCoverPreview.doThis story is an introduction to the characters and their first steps into another world.  The leads are ten-year old little Duke Richard and Princess Abigail.  The world they discover will be explored further in following stories.  Queen Mum and Ivy will be there with others from this first story.  This first step in the Kindle series can be seen HERE.  Each will be a separate Kindle before put together as the book ~ The Enchanted Citadel.


Book II, Sacred Hills, of the trilogy Where the Horses Run is now available.   This series is a contemporary, social Sci-fi/fantasy.It an epic tale of an apocalyptic possibility with visions of a different kind of future.  It is available HERE with its synopsis.

My most recent children’s release  is  available on Amazon HERE  There’s a Tree on My House: A Read-to-Me & Activity Book.  I wrote it for my granddaughter (who loves it, of course) and her cousins.  Many who have read it to the girls are thrilled by its realistic tale.  There will be no e-book edition since this full color edition has pictures to color, cut & paste as activities that tie in with the story.  It has received 4 & 5 star reviews.

Twisted Vine 1

A recent release, Twisted Vine: An Anthology has twenty-seven of my short stories and poems with a Time theme.  It can be found on Amazon in both book and Kindle editions HERE


Miracle Belle, A Horse with a Secret, is from Twisted Vine.  Miracle is the first horse created (cloned) after all the horses in the world disappear.  Set in the future is follows the trilogy, Where the Horses Run.  Middle Grade to Young Adult will enjoy this story, along with anyone older who loves horses.  It is selling very well and can be found on Amazon HERE

ETWA Anthology full cover copyThe East Texas Writer’s Association Anthology, ‘Tis the Season
, contains four of my works from Twisted Vine.  And, for the record, my poem, I Dream of Horses, was never intended to be followed by an exclamation.  It’s heartfelt, not a shout.  It’s also available on Amazon HERE, and multiple e-book editions. Excerpts from two of my stories appearing in these anthologies can be found HERE.

BookCover4AsCNew A'sC   BookCover4PfL  New PfL

Another publication is  Ariel’s Cottage, a powerful, spellbinding romantic suspense  with very good reviews ~ find it HERE.  This is the new  cover.  If you have the flower cover it’s now a collectable item.  Save it, it might be worth something someday.  To read the synopsis and add a  review go to Ask David HERE.

It’s available in Large Print and Kindle as A Price for Love, found on Amazon HERE.   This is the new cover making it’s flower cover a collectable item also.  The site for Ask David is HERE.  I found this Kindle edition has sold in  Canada.

My historical novellas, In Blood There is No Honor and If I Could Only 

BookCover4PTSparkle, appear in the book Painted Tree: Two Novellas.  I hope to have them available as  separate small books eventually so you can carry them as easily as an e-reader.  It is also in Kindle edition HERE.  Add a review after reading the synopsis at Ask David HERE. BLOOD Front

Separate Kindle editions for each of the novellas are now available.  In Blood There is No Honor is the crime and the reaction of the family and community.  It can be found HERE.  If I Could Only Sparkle is the SPARKLE Front purple BookCoverPreview.dovictim’s report of her recovery after four years in a withdrawn state.  It can be found HERE.

The first of my trilogy, Where the Horses Run, Book I, Mass Extinction, BookCover4H1is also available in book and Kindle editions HERE.  You can place a review and read the synopsis on Ask David HERE.  This is selling “over the pond,” where there are probably at least as many dedicated horse lovers as in the U.S.

My first children’s book, TREE & SKY, The Secrets of Meshyah’s World, is available in both editions HEREBookCover4T&S It’s a social sci-fi set in our future.  It contains three stories, The Tree on My House, The Day the Sky Fell, and Under a Honeycomb Sky.  These have recently been published as separate Kindle editions.  Two more will be added to complete Shy’s five-year journal to send back to the past as a warning.  An Ask David synopsis and review can be found HERE.

Here is the sister site for this blog.  It has the latest about the three Kindle stories, listed above, from Tree and Sky and just published. Bk 1, #1 Front Kindle      Bk 1, #2 Front       Bk 1, #3 Front

There are many more to come.  Check out my website HERE to see them all while in the making.

If you have trouble with a link or other questions or concerns, or ideas for any of my children’s series, you can contact me at

If you have trouble with a link or other questions or concerns, or ideas for any of my children’s series, you can contact me at

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