An Up-to-Date on my Writings

I’ve been absent for a while.  There are many reasons for that.  First, the axiom to post often is irritating for those who receive the notices of a posting.   I get really tired of keeping up with all the blogs and websites notices and responses.  Checking my email accounts usually leads to follow-ups that take a lot of time.  I get so much on each site I can barely keep up.  I would respond better if I got something from someone I liked reading, but didn’t post as often, so I I stopped for a while.  I quit worrying about it and spent time on my writing.  That is what I do best and it’s a lot more fun and rewarding.

Just a day ago I got a message from Facebook that I have reached my posting limit, so I had to sign in again to continue.  That has taught me to Like what I enjoy, but only share what I think my Friends would enjoy.  I’ve done the same on Tumblr.  I queued or posted almost everything with three from my queue to post daily.  Now I only queue or post the especially beautiful picture, links to the issues I “fight” for (anti-horse slaughter), and science to keep me up to date.  I allow 10 posts a day because I reached my queue limit with only three being posted.

BookCover4H1As for the writing I worked on many things.  I completed a second edition to the first in my trilogy, Where the Horses Run, Book I, Mass Extinction.  It’s got a new addition to the ending to bring it better into Book II, Sacred Hills.  Book I is now available again, but make sure it says its  the second edition in the description to know your getting the most up-to-date copy.

Book II could be released as soon as May this year.  It continues Elle and Tommy’s search for how all the horses in the world disappeared, why more are dreaming of the H2BookCoverPreview.dothundering herd and hearing the lone whinny call their name, and how they can get to them.  It involves a mystery mountain that appears and disappears, ancient Native  Americans as vision guides, and hoof prints in the damp sod which start and stop abruptly as if they came and went from out of nowhere.  There is also another major disappearance, and a loss that sends Tommy across country for a rescue.  More individuals are drawn to the search for the meaning of why animals are disappearing and what it could mean to mankind.

BookCoverPreview.doI completed my first Read-to-Me children’s bookThere’s a Tree on My House, for my four year old granddaughter.  It was much harder than expected and since I’m not an artist, it was a lot of trial and error on the illustrations.  When I found a “style” I could live with I proceeded.  It’s a simple story to teach about how important trees are and how long it takes one to grow.

I learned a lot more about publishing with this little book.  I scanned the pictures at least at 600 dpi for it to show up well.  This involved a lot do-overs I hope I don’t have to go through again.

While waiting for funds to pay the fees for a Library of Congress Control Number and the reasonable distribution fee, I have received approval from my proof readers to publish.  It may be May or June before it’s available.

Twisted Vine 1 BookCoverPreview.doI also completed my anthology, Twisted Vine, An Anthology: A Menagerie of Short Stories and Poems.  I was pressed to complete it because my local writer’s club is printing  an anthology, ‘Tis the Season, with several of my short stories, but theirs won’t be copyrighted.  I felt an LCCN was necessary to protect my work, thus I put my future anthology at the top of my list for completion.  It should be available later this month.

With some excerpts from my trilogy’s prequel, Realms of the Earth, in my anthology, I have also worked on that novel.  It still needs a cover, so I can’t post it just yet.  I have a temporary cover on my website: if you’re curious.  And if you have suggestions or a photograph I could use and give you photo credit I would consider it.

Realms is a fantasy, but based on scientific/historical knowledge.  It tells of how there were once realms we now consider myths which were symbiotically attached to the earth and existed out of time.  You might consider them to be in another dimension, existing in a “bubble” of timelessness and not affected by the changes within the Earth.  It shows the progress from the Earth’s creation to the journey taken by one of their priestesses and her guardian to provide a remnant of their people settled on the soil with a warning message for a far distant future.  It ends two hundred years before Horses begins.

Carousel Pony BookCoverPreview.doOther items in the works include several children’s books.  The next will be The Carousel Pony.  It will be another Read-to-Me book but with fewer illustrations.  It involves a legend of magic fairy ponies and the revival of a pony due to the wish of a little girl for a pony of her own and the children’s love of the carousel ponies.  The cover is tentative because I can’t find a credit for the photograph.  I got it off Pinterest, but there was no photo credit.  I know only that it’s a carousel in Germany.  Since I only plan three interior illustrations, I thought I might draw the cover also.  I’m pretty good with horses.

Other children’s books are more for middle grade children and will include my second in the series of The Secrets of Meshyah’s World, Little Duke and the Rat Princess, and Silas Little Bear and the Multicolored Dragons.

Meshyah’s second book doesn’t have a fixed title yet, but it will tell the next two years’ diary entries that relay secrets of her world.  This is the diary she and her friends will discover a way to sent back to the past to warn of the future as they are experiencing it.  More of her story series will follow in three or four books after DOME, the novel where the diary is found, is completed.

The Duke and Princess story is a fantasy where magic makes them smaller and look like the big rats of a kingdom which exists in the past.  It involves their grandmother, the Queen, and her grandfather’s lost sword.  It may become another series.

Silas is half Native American who visits their reservation family with his dad during the summers.  He has a great imagination and has reached an age where he would have gone on a vision quest in the past.  His grandfather’s stories and assistance does put him on a similar path.  He and his pony meet a pastel dragon who gives them a quest and a helper in the form of a reluctant knight from a past age.  They must confront the fiery dragon to bring the world to rights again at the point when one Age is passing into another.

Now, for my adult readers I have many stories, but I can’t promise they will be out before next Fall.

The first is a spin-off of the Horses series.  Any who read the series will know it contains a bit about Tommy’s historical family where a namesake member leaves, but never returns.  This is the story of what happened with Carver disappeared, his family while he was absent, and how the farm ownership became lost.  It will involve the mysterious creature spoken of in bits throughout the Horses series and who was introduced in Realms.

There is a sequel planned for the Horses series, and as it stews in my mind it takes on a different aspect from what I had originally planned.  While I will be glad to be finished with this series, started almost seven years also, I think The Countenance of Shaddaii will be as fantastical as Realms with the character’s having the same mysterious magic-like powers.

After my Horses trilogy and its prequel and sequel are completed and ready for publication I will complete DOME, which is a follow-up of Meshyah’s story.  It will be the story of when Meshyah’s diary is found in the past and how it leads to her future.  It’s one of those “chicken or the egg” stories, and has been fun to write.

The only other two novels planned are a suspense-thriller and a space adventure Sci-fi, but as with all my stories, they won’t fit any mold being totally different from what you might expect.

In between I may start more short stories and children’s books for later.


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