The Writing Life

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I can spend up to 15 hours a day at the computer.  My only breaks are taking the dog for a walk, sometimes in conjunction with walking out to the mailbox to leave or pick up mail –     I live on about 2 acres, so it’s a short walk, but longer than down an in-town residential driveway.  I do eat, at my desk, sometimes after burning something I’ve cooked.  And I have found food in the microwave I heated and forgot.

When you’re in a different world with all its scenery and you have all the individuals of that world, and their actions and words, in your head it’s difficult to leave.  Too many times I’ve broken that stream of intense thought and not been able to pick up where I left off, but had to start over.

Re-reading from the beginning, trying to find that thread, creates anxiety as it becomes more illusive.  If found, it’s a miracle.  Rewriting because of interruptions is almost like starting over.  It’s heartbreaking to lose something you felt was important.  However, it only makes the story take a little different path, maybe better.

I sometimes dream of things I have to immediately write down to keep from forgetting, then re-write to fit the story.  So many turns in my “Horses” series are due to the dreams I had about the scenes.  They often came when I wasn’t sure which way to go next.

The draw-back is it can make the story longer than intended.  That is how my book became a series.  And it’s still metamorphizing.

I have several stories in my mind at the same time.  I don’t think of them all at once.  I learned that wasn’t necessary while writing the “Horses” series.  I let it “stew” or “brew” or “simmer.”  All the flavors blend and other readings or movie characters inspire something new to add or fill out more realistically what is already there.  In this sense writing is fun.  It can leave even the writer anxious to get to the next page.

That’s why I burn so many of my meals.


3 comments on “The Writing Life

  1. Thank you for the pingback!

    I definitely understand the getting lost in one’s writing! It’s such an interesting part of the process, to watch things unfold and get drawn into that world!

  2. Judith says:

    So true. Sometimes I hate the interruptions. J

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