Hello Book Readers!

Novels in a Polish bookstore

This is the blog to compliment my websites, judithvictoriadouglas.net   and judithvictoriadouglas.com.  These are the sites where you can see my published novels posted with synopsis, and review and purchase connections.  The dot com site tells a little more about me and my background.

I will post something on each book already published and announce the progress on the next ones to be released.

I am caught up in the social media madness at this time,  so I may be focusing on making sure all the sites are as I want them so I can just post to them periodically.  That has left me little time to do much more than check my email and I am anxious to get back to my writing.  If you have questions which can’t be answered from information on my websites, then you can send it to books@judithvictoriadouglas.com.  Until it becomes completely mental for me to try to keep up with it answering will be my pleasure, as long as it’s not misused.

I have four other blogs.   They are:

1) jvdbooks.tumblr.com, which is my favorite.  It’s titled Menagerie because I pick things to post that I like from other blogs I’m following.  I also interspersed quotes from my novels, along with the cover photos and, so far, one video trailer for my first “Horses” novel.  If you’re into the visual, or reading short snippets you may want to check this site out.  I’ve added poems and flash fiction to photos which inspire me.

2) booksbyjudithvictoriadouglas.wordpress.com is where I write whatever is on my mind.  Sometimes it pertains to one of my novels, or the contents may allow a reference to one of them.  Occasionally I post a link to another site which might be interesting to those who like some aspect of one of my books.  I have a few, so far, related to horses and horse activities since my “Horses” book involves them. I will refer you to reviews and interviews when they occur.

3) booksbyjvd.wordpress.com is this site, the above site’s stepsister.  It is all about the books!

4) judithvictoriadouglas.blogspot.com is the Blogspot site where I post articles about self-publishing and writing I found around the web.  Self-publishing is a major part of the publishing world’s future, but it’s not taken seriously, nor are its authors.  I may occasionally write some of my own points of view on the subject.  There are a lot of  talented writers with wonderful stories who are struggling as I am.  I hope to have them follow that site as we combat the inertia of low sales for great works.

If you read all these sites you will have a thorough introduction to me and understand a little of what I like and appreciate, realizing I can’t include all.  I simply can’t post on every interest, and certainly want to stay within the original purpose of the blog.

they fly with all bindweeds

So, check out the sites, choose to follow one or more, and read one of my books.  Add a comment to the purchase site or a reader’s site you frequent.  All it has to say is if you liked the story or not.  Maybe you only liked the cover.  Then say so.

I hope you enjoy my work.  It’s been long in coming to you. J

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